icl-logo1A Lease of Personal Services, is a contract in which one party hires out his services to another in return for an agreed upon periodic payment. This will be for an agreed upon term such as weekly, monthly, yearly, or whatever. The advantage of a Lease of Personal Services, is that, the longer the lease period, the lower the cost to a small business. A one or two person business certainly cannot afford a full time I.T. Department, which makes leasing very practical. A lease for 12 hours a week for two months would be a lot lower than a full time I.T. person for the same period. A free consultation to analyze needs and contract negotiations would also be a cost savings of several hundred dollars. If the contract requires payment after services, and the obligations of the contract are not met, then the contractor (me) cannot expect full payment. Another advantage of a Lease of Personal Services is that there are no employee related expenses such as withholding, FICA, health insurance, etc. Win-Win-Win all around.

Now, suppose that the person who wants to lease his personal services to you has a Masters Degree in Computer Information Services, and has been in the I.T. field since 1984; wouldn’t that make your lease investment more attractive? The greater the knowledge and experience, the lower the amount of time you will have to contract for. Call now to make an appointment. No charge for questions or answers to questions. As a matter of fact, just to get a card in your Rolodex, call me with a question regarding I.T. and I can almost guarantee I can help you without going to your site. Please call or text Thomas Abel at 501-230-five8zero2.

Services Offered: Social media marketing, critical infrastructure protection, data and text mining solution, electronic content management, enterprise application integration, enterprise architecture support, enterprise systems management, information assurance, Internet and intranet services, website/SEO development/monetization, knowledge management, network integration and operations, outsourcing and operations management, systems design, development, computer repair/design, off-site technical support, and integration.